Major Solar Power Projects in India

India is located within the equatorial belt and receives plentiful solar radiation. Most parts of the country receive 250 to 300 days of bright days in a year. The government and private sectors are currently busy with the development of a large number of Solar Power Projects in India.

The government recently came out with solar power projects of $19 billion that will generate 20 GW of power by the year 2020. According to this plan, solar energy will power equipments and applications in all government installations, hospitals and equipments. India recently also launched its National Solar Mission that aims to generate 1,000 MW of energy by the year 2013.

Solar Power Capacity of India

Even though the percentage of power generated through solar energy in India is just a tiny fraction of its overall power production, it shares the number one spot in solar power generation capacity along with the United States. Solar energy technology is still in its developmental stage when it comes to becoming competitive with energy generated from fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Several solar power projects are being setup in India in order to increase the utilization of the huge amount of solar energy available in the country. The Indian Government has undertaken a wide range of strategies in order to ensure the maximum use of the available solar radiation.

Planned Solar Power Projects in India

The 2010-11 budget consists of Rs. 10 Billion being directed towards the establishment of different solar energy projects. This is an increase of almost Rs. 4 billion over the money allocated for the projects last year. Majority of the budget is going to be spent on the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and the Clean Energy Fund.

One of the major Solar Power Projects in India is an ambitious project undertaken by the government where it plans to generate 20 GW of power from solar energy by the year 2020. It further plans to increase this production to 200 GW by the year 2050. This project plans to increase the installed solar power capacity by a gigantic level by the year 2030 so as to significantly bring down the cost of electricity generation from solar power, almost at par with the power generated from fossil fuels.

The government has also incorporated a reduction of 5% in customs duty on solar panels. In addition, the excised duty on solar PV panels has also been eliminated. This is going to help private sector companies in the solar energy market to reduce their solar panel installation costs by up to 20%. In addition, the government also proposed $1 a metric ton of duty both domestic and imported coal.

Solar Appliances in India

At present the number of solar appliances and Solar Power Projects in India is as per following.

There are over 340,000 home illumination systems, 55,000 solar road lights, over 1,500 of solar PV energy producing plants, 575,000 solar cookers, 560,000 solar lamps, 6,800 solar PV pumps and solar water heaters with an equivalent of 140 Sq. Km. of collecting area.